March 4, 2021


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Fitness Influencer Alexia Clark Undergoes Crisis Surgical procedures to Repair service Twisted Intestine

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a woman wearing glasses: Fitness Influencer Alexia Clark had emergency abdominal surgery two weeks ago to repair a twisted intestine. Now, she's on the road to recovery and healing.

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Conditioning Influencer Alexia Clark had crisis belly medical procedures two weeks ago to restore a twisted intestine. Now, she’s on the highway to restoration and healing.

  • Fitness influencer Alexia Clark underwent unexpected emergency abdomen surgical treatment two weeks in the past and is now in the course of action of regaining her energy.
  • On Jan. 2, medical doctors learned that her intestines had twisted, requiring crisis surgical procedure.
  • Alexia begins her new fitness regime on Monday, and is operating with her physicians and a bodily therapist to layout circuits that gainedt engage her main too a lot.

Exercise influencer and previous Women’s Health protect star Alexia Clark is setting up 2021 with a model-new fitness journey—but not for the motives you’d imagine.


The “queen of workouts” underwent unexpected emergency tummy surgical procedure two months ago and is now in the process of regaining her toughness.

Without having warning, she came down with an excruciating stomachache following taking in supper on Jan. 2. “I believed it was foods poisoning, but it progressively received worse,” she told Women’s Health and fitness. As the night went on, the ache became “unbearable,” to the place in which Alexia “literally considered [she] was dying, and that is no exaggeration.”

After throwing up, she went to the medical center, wherever health professionals did a CT scan and explained to her that her intestines had twisted, demanding emergency surgical procedures. Health professionals identified her with cecal volvulus, which happens “when the cecum, which is involving the little bowel and colon, detaches from the stomach wall and twists on by itself,” according to Healthline.

“It was undoubtedly a shock to have this come about, but every single one day it receives far better,” Alexia states. “[Knowing] that has held me constructive and retained me heading throughout the entire issue. I’m doing much greater now than I was almost two weeks in the past, which is for certain.”

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Alexia starts off her new fitness routine on Monday and is working with her health professionals and a actual physical therapist to style and design circuits that won’t engage her main too a lot. “A great deal of the routines I’m heading to do will be lying flat on a bench or the floor or sitting down, and I’m likely to be performing a good deal of resistance band do the job for my legs,” she claims. The emphasis will be on arm and leg energy.

To perform on her upper-human body power, Alexia will be executing physical exercises like dumbbell upper body presses, seated bicep curls, and seated shoulder presses. “There’s heading to be basic, stable routines that every person really should be carrying out, but I’m heading to start off with very light weights and do the job myself up from there,” she says. To operate her reduced system, she programs to do banded air squats, aspect shuffles with the resistance band on, and bridges with a band.

As her system heals, Alexia is ingesting delicate foods and cooked veggies. “I have not gotten to take in anything at all uncooked but, which I’m a big vegetable lover, so it is been difficult not to eat hummus and veggies, and I really miss out on feeding on a thing like pizza, but it is all about having there working day by day,” she states. Lengthy time period, her medical professionals confident her she wouldn’t have any issues with digestion.

In the long run, she breathed a sigh of reduction when doctors advised her the superior information: Her recovery will be faster due to the fact she’s so energetic throughout ordinary instances.

“It’s so critical to be healthy and to make positive you workout and take treatment of by yourself,” she suggests. “This matter that transpired to me can come about to any one at any time, it doesn’t make a difference what you’ve accomplished to protect against it. It cannot be prevented. What can be finished is if you are taking treatment of oneself ahead of one thing like this occurs, you can bounce back more rapidly.”

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